Saturday, May 24, 2008

That Girl is Home!

I know I let this thing go, but it wasn't intentional. Really, I do love you... all of my nonexistent readers. Woohoo!

So, About halfway through second semester (a month and a half after I last posted), I somehow got myself a single room, which meant no more dealing with Hippie Roommate and Party Roommate. This was awesome, especially the night after I moved out, when they had a party in the room and didn't invite me even though my new room was two doors away from theirs, and they were quite loud and Campus Police (CamPo, from now on) showed up and kicked everyone out because it was a fucking tuesday night, and then saw the beer and searched the room and found Party Roommate's bong and confiscated it and they got in trouble and I may or may not have convinced the RA to call CamPo.

Oh, and there was that time that I almost died. Really.

It was before I'd moved out, and both of my roommates were away for the weekend. I remember waking up and being very disoriented, and seeing on my alarm clock that it was 3:12AM. I realized after about 45 seconds that I had been woken up by the fire alarm outside my door, but by the time I got my coat, it had stopped. I looked into the hallway and didn't see anyone else, so I figured it was safe to go back to bed.

The next morning, I go to my anthropology class and find out that the alarm had gone off at around 3AM and went off for over 15 minutes because there was a microwave fire on the first floor. I was astonished-- I'd slept through over 15 minutes of fire alarm? I later discovered that it was no ordinary microwave fire. Someone had taken a fire extinguisher, wedged it into the microwave, and set the time at something like 20 minutes.

Let's think about this for a minute. Someone, at 3AM on a thursday night, took a fire extinguisher and thought, "gee, wouldn't it be a great idea to microwave this?"

It obviously started a fire, and CamPo barely put it out in time-- had they waited for the fire department to come, there would likely have been an explosion that would have taken out a fair amount of the building. The first floor kitchen is directly below the second floor kitchen, which is right next to the room in which I was asleep.

I also found out that the alarm had gone off at 2:55, and stopped at 3:14, according to the school clock. I slept through almost twenty minutes of a fire alarm ringing right outside my door. I slept, while below me a fire burned that nearly caused an explosion that would have taken out the room in which I slept.

The funniest part is that my dad called the school to find out what the hell actually went down (they were calling it arson), and CamPo now has me on their list of people who need to be checked for in an emergency, because I am a very sound sleeper. My dad called it the 'arousally challenged' list, and I really hope that's what it's actually called, because I think that's absolutely hilarious.

So, I'm lucky to still be able to breathe, let alone blog.

But the semester is over and I'm home for the summer. I start my internship tomorrow morning. Awesome.

That Girl is back, bitches.